Started off as a small Sunday league team in 2019, we believed there was more to be achieved, higher success to obtain. 

American Canyon has always been known as "the city right before Napa, CA", its slogan is even "The Beginning of the Napa Experience", or "that place between Vallejo and Napa" but that's all going to change now because our amazing club will be the main stepping stone to meeting our goal, "Rising up & establishing our own identity!" 

"Perseverance doesn't always mean winning & losing, perseverance means showing up and rising to the occasion & performing" - Michael Chiesa

American Canyon Rising joins National Soccer League's new Pacific Conference

American Canyon Rising announced today that it is joined the westward expansion of the National Soccer League (NSL) as an inaugural member of the Pacific conference. Rising SC will compete in the CA North division. The league's "club's first" philosophy is the reason for the move. The NSL provides top-class amateur clubs with a low-cost platform packed with features and benefits. The step promises to make Sol a more energetic club for members and fans.

"We are excited to be part of the NSL and to be able to showcase our Rising family," said Rising SC manager Josh Parada. 

By joining the Pacific Conference of the NSL, American Canyon Rising has partnered with the top clubs in the Bay Area to bring soccer fans a great amateur soccer experience. The league's "club's first" philosophy is the reason. Rising SC will benefit significantly from the comprehensive approach of lower cost, increased features, and revenue-generating opportunities.